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Speech Therapy When and Where you Need it.

Take advantage of the benefits (and flexibility!) of speech therapy in a natural environment by scheduling one of our certified language professionals to meet in a location that’s best for you and your family. Whether at home, school or the park, Enablr Therapy is helping families take control of their schedules by providing more options in receiving productive therapy. Click below to begin browsing therapists now.


Early Intervention

Early identification of developmental delays is critical. Our therapists have the experience necessary to serve clients of all ages... and are willing to come to you to get going faster!

Natural Environment Therapy

Research shows utilizing natural spaces (think kitchen or local park) can be a win-win for you (flexibility) and your child (productivity). Have sessions where skills are needed most.

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You choose the time, place and the therapist. Speech therapy has never been more flexible. Say goodbye to traffic and calendar conflicts. You will thank us!

Every Family has Unique Needs
Grandma's on Monday and Dad's on Thursdays? No need to miss a session and fall behind! Book therapy sessions in multiple locations to fit your family's needs.
Multiple Locations
Therapy wherever you need it
Our therapists are the perfect fit for homeschoolers who need service providers interwoven into their school day!
Home Schooling
Professional Help at Home
Our therapists come to you reducing the stress on the whole family and saving time.
Skip the Commute
Therapy on Your Schedule
Speech Therapy with Enablr

Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) are trained to identify and treat developmental and acquired disorders of communication, including all areas of spoken and written language. This encompasses areas in both verbal and auditory processes including articulation, fluency, voice, word retrieval and vocabulary development, verbal formulation, social use of language and listening.

Our Speech Language Professionals have appropriate advanced degree(s) (Masters and/or Doctorate) and are currently certified (CCC-SLP) to perform speech & language therapy. Further, many have specialized (in terms of education and experience) in specific areas.

We believe in transparency at Enablr! Feel free to cruise through provider profiles for experience and expertise insight, and be sure to checkout client reviews!


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There is all too often a stigma attached to the word “therapy”. The misconception is not specific to the United States; in fact, the overall lack of awareness and education surrounding pediatric therapy world-wide is one of the biggest reasons why we started Enablr Therapy. 

In most facets of our lives today, Americans are quick to embrace technology, specialized services or research in helping us lead happier or more productive lives. But what if there were already services that helped children be happier and more productive, regardless if said issues were regarding handwriting or a recent diagnosis of Cerebral palsy? There are. 

So, does your child need therapy? Truthfully, we can't say. There is no test, list of conditions or traits we could communicate on this screen that would thoughtfully answer your question; however, we would love to have an open-minded, non-judgmental discussion with you if you even have sneaking suspicions. 
If you suspect that your child or family member may need therapy, you should contact a therapist to set up an evaluation. Once an evaluation has been completed decisions regarding therapy recommendations and a plan of treatment can be determined.
If your child has had an evaluation by a licensed therapist within the last year, there may not be a need for another evaluation. Most of our professionals are happy to work off of recent evaluations. Feel free to  begin browsing therapists now.
Our therapists have multiple expertise backgrounds and specialty areas. Be sure to browse through all profiles to find the speech language pathologist best suited for your needs. 
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