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What’s in my Therapy Bag Part 1: 7 Best Therapy Bag Tools

In this series of articles, Occupational Therapist Sarah Keene shares practical insights and advice for both families and professionals alike to use in their daily therapy regimens

7 Best Therapy Bag Tools

Being a mobile therapist can be tricky! This therapist brings a bag of tricks on wheels wherever I go! Here are my favorite therapy tools that are both easy to travel with and consistently successful with my kiddos.  

1. Thera-Putty   Theraputty promotes fine motor strength and can help work on a child’s pincer grasp. Fun trick: hide pennies, pony beads or other small manipulative objects inside and have the kiddos hunt for treasure!

2. Broken crayons / Crayon Rocks:   Long pencils and markers give children too much space to learn an inefficient grasp. Try using a 1 inch broken crayon, pip squeak markers, Flip crayons (from Handwriting Without Tears) or crayon rocks to help train those little fingers.
3. Tongs and Tweezers:  Children's tweezers are a great way to practice a tripod grasp! You can get creative with craft poms and tweezers by playing pickup to music or involving a dice with pickup!

4. Scooter Board: Scooters are a great way to get active. Have the child lay on their belly and pull themselves around an obstacle course to work on core, trunk and arm strength. 

6. Timer:    Have a kiddo that needs a little support transitioning? Or a reminder to stay focused? Try using a timer. You can use the timer on your phone for an extra auditory cue or one with lights for added visual support. My favorite changes colors from green (go), yellow (2 minute warning), and red (stop). 

7. Games:   Regular ole games are a super fun way to work on skills such as turn taking, fine motor skills, or emotional regulation! My favorites include Spot It, Gumball grab, and Jenga

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Sarah is an Occupational Therapist dedicated to promoting functional independence across all environments.
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